The Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Using a New Lens to Focus Community Resources on Results


The Center for Priority Based Budgeting™ (CPBB) offers several levels of services to meet the individual needs of your organization as it addresses its short-term and long-term fiscal concerns.  Our main objective is to find the best way to assist your organization in looking through the “new lens” to see more clearly how you can

  • address your own unique fiscal realities
  • communicate your “picture of fiscal health” to your organization, your elected officials and your community
  • preserve funding for those programs and services that are highly valued by your community
  • explore alternative levels of service, fees for service and collaborative partnerships
  •  successfully achieve a more stable and sustainable level of Fiscal Health and Wellness.

CPBB will help you diagnose which of these flexible and attainable objectives best meet the needs of your organization and then tailor its work  develop the  level of engagement that is the “best fit” for your organization as it strives to achieve true “ Fiscal Health and Wellness”.

CPBB strives to be exceptionally cost-conscious and affordable in its work with local governments, a key reason for establishing ourselves as a mission-driven non-profit organization.   We are committed to successfully meeting the goals of your community and achieving the desired outcomes of our work together.

Contact us to schedule a free webinar and identify the best CPBB service option(s) to meet your organization's particular needs.

Among the wide range of services available through the Center for Priority Based Budgeting™:

  • "Priority Based Budgeting" Process Implementation
  • Fiscal Health Diagnostic Assessments
  • "Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool" Development
  • Utility Rate Modeling (using our "Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool")
  • Facilitated Goal-Setting / Strategic Planning Retreats and Workshops
  • Citizen Engagement Facilitation
  • Fiscal Health and Wellness Workshops
  • Financial Policy Development
  • Revenue Forecasting Support
  • Revenue Manual and Program Inventory Development
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Development and Prioritization
  • Performance Measures and Metrics Assessments
  • Internal Service Fund Analysis and Development
  • Asset Utilization and Asset Replacement Studies
  • Program Costing Support (direct, indirect and overhead components)


Over 150 Communities Served
The Center for Priority Based Budgeting™ offers the professional expertise, analytical skills and diagnostic tools needed to help your jurisdiction turn these tough times around. For the short-term we can provide you with the tools and techniques you need to assess and monitor your organization's "picture of Fiscal Health". For the long-term, we can assist your organization in clearly defining its goals and objectives and lead you in a process that prioritizes your spending to align with these goals. Our objective is to help you:

    1. Diagnose the root cause of your fiscal problems
    2. Identify effective treatment options 
    3. Establish clearly defined goals for your organization
    4. Prioritize resource allocation to your most valuable programs and services
    5. Engage the community in determining what they highly value and expect
    6. Provide decision-makers with better information about the impacts of their decisions
    7. Develop the tools you need to see things more clearly through a “new lens” with our unique “Fiscal Health Diagnostic Tool” and our “Resource Allocation Diagnostic Tool

Many approaches are available to your organization depending on what suits your needs most effectively. Contact us to discuss the many approaches available and to find the best option(s) to meet your organization's particular needs.