The Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Using a New Lens to Focus Community Resources on Results



The results driven Center for Priority Based Budgeting™ (CPBB) proudly offers its technical and advisory services to help any local government organization address its fiscal realities both in the short term (Fiscal Health) and long term (Fiscal Wellness) through a new, innovative and creative leading practice that is actively being implemented across the country. The Center for Priority Based Budgeting has developed Priority Based Budgeting process to help cities, counties, school districts and other non-profit agencies find answers to the most relevant questions of the day:

  • How can we best address our "budget crisis"?
  • How can our organization "spend within its means"?
  • How do we allocate scarce resources to top priority programs?
  • How can we link the budget with our strategic goals/objectives and with performance measures?
  • How does our organization head down a path of long-term financial sustainability?
Fiscal Health
Fiscal Health and Wellness
through Priority Based Budgeting
Fiscal Wellness

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